Get the skills and insights you need to thrive in the beauty in industry.

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Price:  $995

✓ You are newly licensed and don't know where to start when it comes to building           your business
✓ You are scared to set industry standard prices because you don't feel like an expert
✓ You want to offer a new service but are unsure about the response you'll get
✓ You’ve plateaued in your business growth and feel stuck

1:1 Coaching is perfect for you if...

I started my own business to be my own boss and find freedom in my schedule. But I quickly began to feel like my business ran me, not the other way around. I thought I’d lose clients if I raised my prices or cut back on work hours. Loooong story short, I was burnt out.

Sound familiar?
The turning point came when I decided to invest in quality continued education and switch up my service menu. I decided I wasn't going to sell myself short anymore and ultimately found the confidence to create the career I had originally set out to achieve. And I’m here to show you how
you can too.

1:1 Coaching with Catie D.


Price: $795

● Step by step manual
● Social media marketing guides
● Photo & pricing tips +

● 1 Demo video
● 2 Practice models
● A full kit to get you through 10-15 lifts
● Consent form template

Here’s what you’ll get inside the course:


Lash Lifts are the perfect alternative for clients who are allergic to lash extensions, looking for something more natural, or don’t have the time for refills. Lash Lifts are quickly becoming a highly desired service with less than an hour service time priced as a full set. Lash Lift University is 5 jam packed hours of content preparing you to reach your 6 figure goal income.

Perfect for the boss babe looking to learn a new skill or kick it up a notch.

Lash Lift University


Price: $197

Lifetime mentorship + guaranteed free access to any future online brow laminations courses

● Tips on waxing
● Business tips for gaining your ideal clientele
● Supply list with links to purchase
● Pricing tips + SO MUCH MORE!

Watch a LIVE demo on a model
● Step by step guide + theory manual
● How to tint
● Consent form template
● Social Media Marketing Tips + 
    my favorite apps to use

Here’s what you’ll get inside the course:


Fluffy brows are taking over! Learn this new innovative way of styling brows to achieve a fuller and feathered look. Styling and shaping is all taught in this class, no experience necessary. Take your $25 brow wax to a $100+ luxury service in this 2 hour live virtual course.

January 17th, 10am PST 

LIVE Virtual Brow
Lamination Training

"Catie is a pro! She knows what she’s doing and is great at teaching her craft. I feel like I learned a new skill for my business in a short amount of time. I enjoyed her personality and the setting of the class. Catie is very gracious to answer any questions I have had after my training. I would highly recommend her classes."


"My experience training with Catie was above my expectations she really does want you to win too. She fully supports and trains you with open arms. She truly teaches you her tips and tricks and everything you need to know to provide the correct service!"


"It was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better training! Even with it being virtual, it went very smooth and I got all my questions answered and was able to see and hear everything the whole time!!"


"The courses I took were awesome. Catie was very organized with all the paperwork, and she answered any questions I had."


"This training has made my job easier because Catie’d training was so throughly explained and it has made me so confident in providing this service!"


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