Are you frustrated with trying to heal your acne? Do you feel like you've tried it all and nothing has worked?

Our Acne Healing Program has been effective in over 90% of our clients and we would love to be the ones to help you heal your acne from the inside out. 

► Someone who is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to clear their skin and is ready to commit to a minimum 3 month program 
► Someone who is ready to commit to meeting with Cat every 2 weeks for facial treatments and check-ins to adjust their skincare routine as needed
► Someone who is ready to heal their skin from the inside out by changing their diet and lifestyle habits 
► Someone who will only stick to the skincare routine I create for them and NOT use any other products 
► Someone who will do their skincare routine morning and night 
► Someone who does not have compromised skin from excessive sun exposure or a recent treatment 
► Someone who has not used accutane in the last 6 months 
► Someone who has not used any prescription topicals in the last 14 days 
► Someone who is willing document their skin journey

This is monthly investment of $175 (minimum 3 month commitment) included in this monthly membership you will get:

► Initial in-person consultation and first facial treatment ( 1 hour 30 min)
► Acne Information Packet that includes:
► What acne is and how its formed 
► Lifestyle adjustments 
► Pore Clogging ingredients to look out for 
► Food and Supplements information
► Custom created home care regimen with Face Reality skincare products and instructions on how to use them morning and night (separate product investment average $150 initially)
► In person facial treatment (45 min) every 2 weeks with High-Frequency & Blue Light LED

You will receive 6 total facial treatments over the 3 month period. Treatments after the 3 month period will be based on your provider's recommendation.

If you are ready to commit and move forward with our Acne Healing Program please follow these next 3 steps:

Acne Healing Program

Who is an ideal candidate for this program?

Program Outline (What to expect)

1. Take the Client Questionnaire

2. Submit photos of acne (face, chest, back etc) to Please make sure these are clear photos in natural lighting that showcase your trouble areas.
3. After submission of photos, please schedule your first appointment